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Space Summary

The Twitter space delved into discussions within the DeFi niche, exploring topics such as cryptocurrency market analysis, the Binance Coin ecosystem, Fusion explainer videos, community engagement, and analytics tools. There was a positive outlook on the future price movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum, emphasizing the significance of community support and understanding concepts like the two-token system and eshare. The potential growth of BNB, particularly in regions outside North America and Europe, was a key focus. The space provided valuable insights into the dynamics of the DeFi landscape and underscored the importance of community-driven initiatives for project success.


Q: What was the discussion focused on in the Twitter space?
A: The discussion covered various topics such as cryptocurrency market trends, Fusion explainer videos, and the Binance Coin ecosystem.

Q: What were the key highlights about BNB’s ecosystem mentioned during the space?
A: The popularity of the BNB ecosystem outside of North America and Europe was emphasized, highlighting its significant user base.

Q: What was the sentiment regarding BNB’s future growth and potential?
A: Despite past controversies, the sentiment was positive, suggesting that BNB has substantial growth potential and is a powerful network.

Q: What role does community engagement play in cryptocurrency projects?
A: Community engagement was highlighted as a crucial factor for project success, underscoring the importance of a supportive community.

Q: Which specific areas of cryptocurrency analytics were mentioned during the space?
A: The discussion touched on analytics tools for tracking and analyzing cryptocurrency data, providing insights for informed decision-making.

Q: Why is it important to understand the two-token system and the roles of peg and eshare?
A: Understanding the two-token system and the functions of peg and eshare are vital for comprehending the ecosystem dynamics and token utilities.

Q: How was the relationship between BNB and Ethereum gas fees addressed in the space?
A: The discussion explored how BNB could benefit from the rising Ethereum gas fees, positioning BNB for continued growth and relevance.

Q: What were the key takeaways from the Fusion explainer videos mentioned during the space?
A: The Fusion explainer videos and tutorials aimed to simplify complex concepts and provide a high-level overview for beginners.

Q: What was …
A: Despite recent market fluctuations, there was optimism about significant price appreciation for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future.


Time: 00:01:48
Excitement about Tesla Discussions, The podcast begins with excitement to discuss Tesla’s future prospects.

Time: 00:09:34
Impact of Product Transition on Tesla, Discussion on how the transition and ramp-up of new products impact Tesla.

Time: 00:12:31
Role of AI in Boosting Tesla’s Business, Exploration of AI’s role in boosting Tesla’s core auto business and energy storage.

Time: 00:24:16
Challenges in Full Self-Driving Tech, Challenges faced in bringing full self-driving technology to fruition for Tesla.

Time: 00:30:42
Discussing Long-Term Trends, Conversation about long-term trends in renewable energy and e-commerce.

Time: 00:40:02
Strategic Expansion for Tesla, Importance of strategic expansion to replace Uber with Tesla’s technology.

Time: 01:00:35
Transition to Decentralized Finance, Shifting the discussion towards decentralized finance and EMP Money.

Time: 01:17:37
EMP Money’s Goal as Passive Income Platform, Highlighting EMP Money’s goal as the ultimate passive income platform with Ethereum exposure.

Time: 01:39:07
Educational Approach of EMP Money, Detailing EMP Money’s educational approach through AMAs and real-time protocol insights.

Time: 01:57:53
Announcement of Future Discussion, Announcement of the upcoming discussion on the 2024 Bitcoin conference.

Key Takeaways

  • Discussion on the cryptocurrency markets and anticipation of significant price movements.
  • Introduction to Fusion explainer videos simplifying complex concepts.
  • Focus on the popularity of Binance Coin (BNB) ecosystem outside North America and Europe.
  • Positive sentiment towards BNB’s growth potential despite past controversies.
  • Importance of community engagement in cryptocurrency projects.
  • Analytics tools for tracking and analyzing cryptocurrency data were mentioned.
  • Understanding the two-token system and key roles like peg and eshare is crucial.
  • Community support is essential for project success.
  • Exploration of the relationship between BNB and Ethereum gas fees.
  • Future potential and value propositions of BNB in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Behind the Mic

So, just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Good news for all of the Fusion people, we finally got things through validators and the US banks. So we’re good to go starting today. Eshare is being released at 11:00 AM EST. We will have all the farms and everything going live. We were originally going to hold off on the farms until TVL got a bit higher but I think people are excited and we want to put them to work. So, 11:00 AM EST, eShares, the farms will be live, everything. It’s been an immense amount of work, thanks to everyone. Shoutout to LA, shoutout to the rest of the team, Joe. Let’s get this! Fusion is honestly one of the most innovative protocols I’ve seen, particularly if you understand the full ecosystem. Specially to be sustainable and you know we’ve built something for the long term. Just want to see more people building and creating overall partnerships with the protocol. Thank you for that. That’s awesome to hear and I know it took a little longer than anticipated. Definitely worth the wait. Glad to see it’s all up and running now, super exciting news. Yeah, for sure. I mean, honestly, I think given the state of the world, having something that gives people an option to actually make a good sort of deflationary token with everything that Fusion does is super crucial. Seeing more and more adoption with bitcoin, eth, people understanding why fusion matters is super exciting. Obviously, in the last few days, the markets have been reduced but overall, I mean, we are way ahead of schedule in terms of price appreciation on bitcoin and etH. And I think moving into October, November, early next year, we’re going to see numbers that again are just beyond our imagination. So we’re excited for all of that. Yeah, you sound like you have mass amounts of knowledge here, so much so that it’s tough to keep up with you, even for me, who’s technical. No, but it’s a good thing because that’s what you want from a founder. Right. But could you possibly explain very simply to somebody who might not know so much about this, what the fusion explainer video that you guys have on YouTube is about? Yeah, for sure. So we, again, my team, fellow team member LA, and shout out to all the ladies in crypto for sure, has done an amazing tutorial series, not only about Fusion but now that Fusion is live, we will be having actual walkthrough videos published in the next few days. So, yeah, for those that want a high level overview, again, I know everything I said can be a little overwhelming but if you really just take a minute to focus and maybe go through it one or two times, it really is quite simple. Once you see the website and the visuals that make it very intuitive, obviously on a Twitter space, it’s difficult to really convey without showing visually. But yeah, Fusion took everything that we love about seigniorage projects or tomb forks as people call them. And we made it 10 times better, we’ve basically wrapped it under this concept of fusion wrapping. So just conceptually at a high level, what fusion wrapping does is essentially make all of your reward yields and everything very sustainable and other protocols I mean this is what people are missing. So, I think if people take five to 10 minutes, it’s literally highlighted in our white papers and, again, shout out to LA’s youtube series, it walks you through the whole thing. So, the potential of fusion protocols, it’s like, it is limitless and I think the more people that understand this the more that will get involved and really understand the future of yield and defi in general. So, not to get too complicated with the two token system right now, the main focus is emphasized and getting back to peg but eshare is also very instrumental in the whole ecosystem as well. Appreciate that. And I’ll definitely spend a lot more time exploring this because one thing I will say is a lot of people underappreciate how popular the whole BNB ecosystem is outside of North America and Europe. It’s huge. So I’m really excited to just go explore that and see how all this goes in. So, yeah, I appreciate those answers. Right on. Tropic. Yeah, man. And I agree with you 100%, I think, especially in North America. You know, BNB has kind of been the redheaded stepchild, you know, with CZ going to jail and all the, you know, drama around BNB. But honestly, man, it is a very powerful network, and BNB itself has been a bit of a unicorn, you know, in terms of price appreciation, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. If anything, I think BNB will only be bigger and more powerful, especially as the price of Ethereum gas fees continue to go up. So, yeah, don’t sleep on BNB for sure.

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