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Web3 Job Hunting with The Crypto Recruiters x Rethinkable

Web3 Job Hunting with The Crypto Recruiters x Rethinkable


Web3 Job Hunting with The Crypto Recruiters x Rethinkable

This space is hosted by Web3Recruit

Space Summary

The Twitter space was an engaging platform where various topics were discussed by insightful speakers. The tone was set in a welcoming and inclusive manner, with introductions and gratitude expressed towards participants like Mikael. Interactions with participants like rethinkable added to the diverse and engaging nature of the discussions. Overall, the space provided a platform for interactive and enlightening conversations on diverse topics within the lifestyle niche. The space also emphasized the importance of branding and networking, showcasing expertise in content creation and utilizing relevant keywords for effective communication on platforms like LinkedIn.


Q: What was the initial tone set in the Twitter space?
A: A welcoming and inclusive tone was set.

Q: How did the speakers plan to start the event?
A: By introducing the speakers before kicking things off.

Q: Who received gratitude for joining the space?
A: Mikael was thanked for his participation.

Q: Which participant was interacted with during the space?
A: rethinkable was engaged in the discussion.

Q: What can be inferred about the topics discussed?
A: The topics seemed to be diverse and engaging.


Time: 00:01:31
Introduction of Speakers, Kick-off and speaker setup.

Time: 00:03:13
Importance of Branding, Discussion on branding for career growth in Web3.

Time: 00:05:23
LinkedIn Keyword Strategy, Tips on optimizing LinkedIn profiles with keywords.

Time: 00:12:27
Being Selective in Job Opportunities, Advice on being thoughtful about job pursuits.

Time: 00:16:01
Content Creation and Individualism, Emphasis on creating unique and educational content.

Time: 00:32:13
Advice on Cold Pitching, Strategies for effective cold pitching in Web3.

Time: 00:38:00
Building Trust in Web3, Insights on establishing trust in a privacy-focused industry.

Time: 00:47:12
Consistency and Engagement, Importance of being consistent and engaging in the community.

Key Takeaways

  • The space began with a welcoming introduction to all participants.
  • The speakers were about to commence the event to kick things off.
  • Mikael’s presence was acknowledged with gratitude.
  • Interaction with rethinkable was initiated during the space.
  • The discussion seemed to be diverse with multiple engaging topics.

Behind the Mic

But think about what you can do for others and you’ll be surprised at, like, what starts to open up and people watch you. Like, people pay attention to your actions. So really being real and true and trying to bring value, I think at the end of the day it’s value, value. What can you bring to the space? And people start to notice that stuff, dude. Yeah. Like, I think what I pulled from what you said, trevor, is like, practice radical generosity and authenticity. Like, those are the biggest tickets in my career. I think one thing for building trust, it’s like, it’s overwhelming when you’re new in the space and you feel like you need to be everything to everyone. But like, the shorter, softer path is developing a few good relationships with people who are already well respected in the space. And sometimes the way you have to do that is by giving value upfront with something that I’m a big believer in. So I took my first job in the space with a reputable team and project for free, versus a paid role that I had been offered for a slightly, you know, whatever, the project ended up being okay, but it wasn’t great, right. To navigate your career in, like, always keeping in mind, like, this company is going to reflect back on me. Like, when you work at that company, regardless of the deliverables, that reputation of that company is going to be a reflection of, like, me. So you should really keep that stuff in mind, I think. Yeah, I’m going to echo, I’m sorry. I have a kind of bad connection. I think I’m going to echo what both Steph and Trevor mentioned. When I first got into the sense of belonging, it’s very easy to feel like, oh, I want to break in, let me, like, show you what I can do. Let me show you, show me, show me, and it’s very easy to lose yourself in this cycle of, you know, wanting to outdo the other person. But I think somewhere in this, it becomes very evident in the first few projects that you want to be long term in the space, right? Some of those first experiences, some of those first companies, just like they said, first experiences matter a lot because if let’s say tomorrow you work for a company that turns out to be, you know, kind of scammy or starts rugging people or has to close for, like, bad practices or something, you are also painted with the same brush. So also maybe be a little selective about what type of companies you want to focus on. Maybe the first few are, as Steph said, people who are very well respected, but have very small kind of followings. So those first instances, it’s okay to do something to put yourself out there for free. But beyond that, the advice would be, figure out some form of niche, just like everybody’s saying, do something very specific for a small amount. I took a year of doing one thing very, very diligently and stayed in touch with them and it was fantastic to see people just appreciate you for the smallest things. So don’t think about the five year goal, think about the next six months, in very simple ways, even if it’s just a simple $200 thing posted by them or for them. I really wanted to say that, and thank you, Trev. This conversation really does hit differently. I would often say, like, just to harp or echo on everything that’s been said, within those discords that you’re involved in those groups, like, how can you provide value even with something as simple as doing media summaries, or technical writing or something that the community needs help with and just continuing to do that is gonna help you tremendously over the long term. And I think what you guys, we’ve all heard say before, is like, look at what companies you wanna work for. Look at what communities you’re passionate about, and like really focus and dive into those, like the people who are looking to hire folks within the blockchain space or web three, you can see who’s hiring currently just by seeing these Twitter threads, right? They’re going to be intertwined with one person. And so if you just go to those specific sites, you can see those current postings right now. And I think it’s very imperative to be passionate about the ecosystem that you’re like targeting. I can’t stress that enough and Tanisha, she’s mentioned, like pick like block layer one blockchains. And if you’re passionate about Solana, well, guess what? You know a lot more than the average candidate just applying for that job. If you’re a fan of Ethereum, what are you projects that are going on Ethereum. If you’re a fan of Hedera hashgraph, like, what do you know about that? What are some projects that are building and utilizing that Algorand XRP, stellar, I mean, etc. Right. We go down the list, down the line, and I think that’s really important. So there’s a lot of great researchers that I’ve been able to find on X that are like really awesome researchers, and they have like these crazy, like, ecosystem maps. Check those ecosystem maps and then do your own research on the particular companies in the ecosystem. How are they aligned, and what are they doing in that area as well, too? And the smaller organizations, the companies that are, you know, one or two people shops, the people that the company that just got like their first seed funding round, like the earlier on, those companies are probably going to be a lot more receptive to bring you on board if you don’t have experience versus then those more established organizations. So I know I just unloaded a lot there, but I think that information kind of generally applies to everybody. And I don’t know if they’re still here with us, but hopefully you heard that. Anyone else have any other questions before we jump off? All right, Teague, well, that looks like it’s a wrap, my friend. Do you have anything before we jump off? No, I think that’s it. Thank you, everyone, so much for joining. This is a great space that we have. We’re planning on doing this on a weekly basis, so if we didn’t get to answer your questions today, feel free to stop by next week on Twitter, tomorrow on LinkedIn, we are also hosting this again, same format. You can check out the link on our Twitter. We posted this earlier this week and yeah, again, thank you all for joining, and we’ll see you all again soon. Take care, guys. Thank you, Teague. I appreciate you guys. Have a great one. Bye, everyone.

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