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Crypto Trading: Market Chat with Tradooors

Crypto Trading: Market Chat with Tradooors

Crypto Trading: Market Chat with Tradooors

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Space Summary

The Twitter space delved into discussions on finance, accounting practices, and the influence of Bitcoin market trends on investors. Emphasizing transparency and immediate financial reporting, the conversation also explored the challenges posed by high Bitcoin prices for retail investors, as well as the necessary adaptations for platforms like Coinbase. Insights were shared on market trends, Bitcoin's impact on markets, and future expectations, covering topics such as trading, market overview, psychological strategy, Bitcoin, ETF, and supply and demand.


Q: Why is immediate financial reporting crucial in the discussion?
A: Immediate financial reporting ensures transparency and accurate decision-making in the finance sector.

Q: What are the implications of withholding significant financial information?
A: Withholding financial information can lead to manipulation of stock prices and misrepresentation of a company's financial health.

Q: How does Bitcoin's price impact market trends and investor decisions?
A: Fluctuations in Bitcoin prices influence market sentiment, impacting investor decisions and financial markets.

Q: What challenges do high Bitcoin prices pose for retail investors according to the discussion?
A: High Bitcoin prices can present challenges for retail investors in terms of affordability and investment strategies.

Q: Why is transparency essential in financial reporting and decision-making?
A: Transparency ensures trust, credibility, and informed decision-making in financial matters, benefiting investors and stakeholders.

Q: How does Bitcoin's market influence correlate with all-time high expectations?
A: Bitcoin's market influence can drive expectations of reaching all-time high prices, impacting market dynamics and investor sentiments.

Q: What are the adaptation requirements for platforms like Coinbase in response to market changes?
A: Platforms like Coinbase need to adapt to changing market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and investor needs to stay competitive and relevant.


Key Takeaways

  • Immediate reporting of financial information was highlighted as crucial.
  • Delaying significant financial figures can lead to stock price manipulation.
  • Bitcoin price fluctuations impact the market and retail investors.
  • Challenges arise for retail investors with high Bitcoin prices.
  • Platforms like Coinbase need to adapt to changing market dynamics.
  • Bitcoin's influence on market trends and all-time high expectations were discussed.
  • Transparency in financial reporting and decision-making is essential.
  • Delaying financial data reporting can have implications on the market.
  • Market reactions to Bitcoin price surges were observed with implications for investors.
  • Adaptation requirements for platforms like Coinbase regarding Bitcoin holdings were emphasized.

Behind the Mic

[ "Not to mention they don't have to report this stuff immediately.", "They can wait months later.", "Then report it.", "Oh.", "Oh, yeah.", "By the way, I revised numbers from February or $17 million, and we thought, the hell you mean you just lost $17 million worth of accounting?", "No, you withheld that information so you can make the books look better so that you could run your stock price to a certain level.", "That's the stuff that I don't like but is going to happen.", "Yeah, I agree.", "And it'll be very interesting how it happens because to your point, and guys, I mean, I'm sure you all know this, but, you know, the market follows bitcoin.", "And when things go up on bitcoin and we reach an all time high, bitcoin becomes too expensive, particularly for retail investors, particularly if it is ever to reach, you know, that height.", "Right.", "You know, the demand level that keeps talking about 100,000.", "Right.", "You're talking about like, I mean, effectively coinbase would need to change its interface to show the amount of bitcoin their users have in a different way.", "Yeah.", "And they kind of already started doing that.", "Yeah.", "And that's coinciding with casinos and correlating.", "Yep about.", "But you know, altcoins are the ones that benefit the most from bitcoin's price increasing.", "Really regarding.", "And look, I mean, I know this is a different topic than the Celsius or anything, but I don't know if you guys have dug into, I would say any of these layer ones or any PCS Solana's got some news that's come out.", "It's an interesting time, and I'm going to be very fascinated to see what happens.", "Right?", "It's, and I think from a spot perspective, from a price action perspective to the Bitcoin, you know, to specifically what it's going to do.", "Right again, I'm not a Bitcoin maximalist or anything, but we all know the reality that Bitcoin absolutely rules the entire market.", "And so, um, we got to see the kind of direction of where it goes first and how that affects the overall market.", "And then once we get that answer, hopefully we'll have a clearer picture.", "Yep.", "I think, uh, that's, that, that's really an interesting take on it.", "I think, uh, you know, Bitcoin is, uh, is of course, uh, always going to be the front runner until further notice.", "Um, I think that, uh, the, when, when you look at the lockdowns and you guys are talking about, you know, the current landscape of what's going on and how that's going to affect the macro picture, um, I think you're going to get a lot of sector rotation.", "I think you're going to get a lot of, uh, institutional players interested in, uh, different layers, um, because of, uh, well, you know, um, anybody that, uh, anybody that is able to know, go and, and buy gold and, and sit on that, uh, for different reasons for, uh, everyone looking at a monetary system of returning away from fiat currency or at least pricing in the risk of the fiat currency monetary system showing its cracks.", "Um, I think that, uh, you've got to look at it from that standpoint, um, price action just from a price action standpoint.", "Yeah.", "So you're talking long term, which I agree with a lot of those long term statements, but what's going to happen in the short term are really going to be retail investors, right?", "And retail investors are going to get scared shitless in the coming weeks or months.", "One, don't even know how taxes work.", "And two, if they have to find some taxes or some of these dead projects that", "they just rug pulled on.", "I think you're going to be potentially looking at different price action.", "You're going to see more fear in the market because at the end of the day, retail is not doing their taxes and just get out of the market out of fear.", "So I would agree with that statement to an extent, but you also have to factor in that they're probably just not going to do their taxes.", "Yeah, I'm encouraging everybody not to do taxes.", "I mean you're you're not even encouraging, it's the byproduct of the situation.", "I mean, I mean our government kind of does that for us.", "So by the way.", "Okay.", "Yeah.", "Okay.", "Yeah.", "Okay.", "Um, no, I mean I think, um, yeah, I think that you, you, you will have, uh, as you can see in the price action and I looked at it, especially in the after hours, um, or at least when everyone is not active for what people are doing that know what they're doing in the markets or at least programming of the bots you see, you see where the actions take place.", "Um, when it, when it came to looking at, uh, what, how we got from 23 to 24,000 in Bitcoin just from looking at the volume orders, um, that's really where I, I looked at it and said, okay, well there are people, they're saying, okay, well let's just kick the can down the road.", "Um, not really seeing the same, um, not seeing the same, you know, big, big time players that are saying, okay, well it's time to really jump into Bitcoin, uh, at this level.", "And so when you're seeing that happening, um, you know, that there's not a lot of commitment at that level.", "It's really story time guys hopefully.", "Agreed.", "I think I know larger positions are being reallocated, maybe even just exit it entirely because they need to position themselves better in a different, you know, like no doubt hedge funds are moving things immediately before they're reporting and not even reporting that much of it anyway.", "That reallocation is another thing that I don't know how much of that's going on, but they still find ways to move money around without reporting it.", "If traders that go and look at large institutional orders for action, they're going to definitely know exactly where these things are going.", "Yes, big time.", "Come back.", "Yeah.", "They're, they're going back in and they're, they're repositioning what do you mean repositioning to repositioning something that these large institutional owners by frames are doing rotating would be super different than repositioning, reallocations would be more accurate.", "It's crazy.", "Does all repositioning no I'm saying reallocations is more accurate and that their portfolios are getting more simple um their their their their funds their funds are getting more, "uh uh.", "Yeah, then they've done that historically too, right?", "Yes, they haven't done as much as they're doing now.", "And it's because of certain individuals that have huge influences on those decisions.", "Yeah, I'm glad you pointed that out.", "I mean, it really is eerie how similar it is from historical standards that we're in the same type of recession.", "It's pretty crazy exactly.", "I mean, it shouldn't be this way, honestly.", "It just sucks the same market cycle keeps on repeating.", "It's nuts indeed.", "It's it's it's terrifying honestly.", "And it makes me think like I need, I'm not gonna, I'm not, I'm not like a DCA dude.", "But it's making me really consider should I just buy this?", "Right?", "Because this is this is how it was and look, I held through I held the whole time.", "I wasn't trading and I lost half my stack, dude.", "That's crypt.", "That's market cycles, that's government manipulated money dude.", "It's just you got to really allocate something you know that'll make me the most interested in my mind is you know really again look have to have a plan in place and execute that plan to a T and you ain't falling through most of the people talking.", "You know holding talking about buying this or whatever they're not following anything buying and holding regardless is not bad but you know the past makes you think that it won't work.", "And you know if you talk to those people they tell you they think differently.", "But it's but it's the sad truth about the market and the governments.", "It's the games they play and they know it's going to be a long term value regardless.", "They're just trying to freaking get as much money as they can before they signal they're completely grabbing it.", "Well we all know Grabber proof is going to be a long term value.", "There is never a long term value perspective every scenario shows that um sometimes the questions like where can I buy more or when is the time to buy more even though there's like less price and actual reporting.", "Do you have any takes?", "Yes 100.", "And I'm I'm more I'm more conservative but yes there has to be a realistic long term outlook with both of these but it's interesting.", "Yeah I'm like long term with regards to the projects of proven value not not the dumbasses coming up with AMFD all coins here saying it's the next bitcoin.", "We all know 90 of those are complete scam jobs.", "Absolutely like you know no reliable treasury backup nothing like they're coming out and they just want your money.", "Exactly.", "It's so ridiculous.", "I'm not even talking about doge.", "There's so many you know rug pullout there.", "I do think there is what's more interesting about that is there's some projects if they've been around that long now or making it look like they're not a rug pull look at Cardano's finally making headway.", "I don't know if you saw that Yeah yep yep really so of course yeah really interesting stuff coming out um there and uh looking globally on institution's, "uh all these areas fantastic nodes well held projects are performing exponentially.", "Dude it's nuts and the valuations um, "CVS.", "I'll exactly thank you for mentioning that so in 2023 Q1.", "So look forward to that.", "I'm waiting to see how that correlates with the market right now anyway.", "Yes agreed boom.", "Certain people think that institutional movers are going to come in right around then too.", "I'd like to see what happens because uh it's a big valuation event.", "We can see dude we definitely want to cash in guys.", "I do I do have to end it here all right good you gotta go yeah it's fine it's fine and we look forward to having this discussion here again cool hopefully all right I'll catch up with you guys all here and then yeah, "I'll do one more.", "What?", "Good.", "Yeah dude later.", "Good seeing y'all take care bye.", "Great session today even better keep having those conversations um catch me.", "I'm dropping off dude later peace yes regarding next all right guys appreciate the time lets chop.", "Oh yeah yeah.", "All right later.", "So yeah thanks for everyone for joining me.", "Yeah any of you wanna ping offline um I'm reachable.", "Catch uh yeah I'm going to set up some time tomorrow.", "I actually liked crypto tax service everyone intermission.", "Hold up okay lot lot of alpha here welcome back.", "Lots to digest.", "appreciate that.", " lot to look forward to at the macro level yes and appreciate it.", "Yeah peace pod community coming.", "Repositioning reallocating planning shoot these costs and never actually happened before and it everything happens and the the reporting provides a out of literally nowhere and they never had to report months immediately right?", "Months later revised number 17 million lost like nothing you withheld so stock levels reporting systems correct.", "Yes and crazy.", "Appreciate that yes I have custom sure what happened everytime dude.", "Welcome back.", "I appreciate that.", "No no.", "Well one, I appreciate everybody coming through again.", "You can dm me on Twitter, telegram, it's robtg four on telegram as well and really appreciate y'all coming through and we'll have another space and shoot the shit later.", "All right, awesome.", "Thank you, guys.", "Thanks, guys.", "Thank you everybody.", "Hey guys, brief intermission.", "Still waiting on our speaker, but we probably won't keep you guys waiting too long.", "Our channel subscribe.", "Alright, guys, thanks for waiting around and tuning in.", "We're gonna actually close the room now.", "And like we said, we're gonna continue this conversation next week.", "We'll have a full lineup of Ama's and Twitter spaces, and it's gonna be crazy, you guys, for the community.", "So thank you for showing up, and, yeah, we'll have a ton more next week.", "See you guys.", "Bye." ]

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