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Chatting with the founder of Q Protocol - Razvan Costin

Chatting with the founder of Q Protocol - Razvan Costin


Chatting with the founder of Q Protocol – Razvan Costin

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Space Summary

The Twitter space delved into queue mining strategy, emphasizing the significance of community participation and the roles of stakeholders. It examined diverse minting approaches, highlighted the importance of AI miners, and underscored the crucial involvement of market players. By presenting various strategies and stakeholder types, the discussion underscored the importance of a robust queue ecosystem with active engagement and a clear comprehension of each participant’s duties. It offered insights into the complexities of queue mining and the collaborative ecosystem crucial for project success, touching on Q protocol, tokenomics, liquidity pools, investor mindset, and buy and burn mechanics.


Q: What are the two main strategies for queue mining?
A: The two primary strategies are swapping Ethereum for queue and minting in batches using external ETH or the system’s liquidity.

Q: Who are the stakeholders in the queue ecosystem?
A: Stakeholders include AI builders, Q minters, and market players within the queue ecosystem.

Q: Why are market players essential in the queue ecosystem?
A: Market players are crucial for bringing queue to the market, ensuring project understanding, and avoiding misconceptions.

Q: What was discussed at 22:42 – 22:55?
A: The discussion revolved around the strategy of swapping Ethereum for queue and minting in batches.

Q: Why are AI miners important in queue mining?
A: AI miners are significant in queue mining for their contribution to the ecosystem’s functionality and operations.

Q: What details were shared at 37:11 – 37:32?
A: During this time, reward estimation and current cycle specifics in queue mining were discussed.


Time: 00:00:40
Q Token Giveaway Announcement, Introduction of a giveaway to engage participants.

Time: 00:03:41
Focus on Q Protocol, Introduction to the main topic of discussion.

Time: 00:08:18
Stocktwits Listing Efforts, Mention of efforts to list Q Protocol on Stocktwits.

Time: 00:12:34
Importance of Balanced Liquidity Pools, Discussion on why balanced liquidity pools are crucial for stability.

Time: 00:18:09
Price as a Marketing Tool, Insight on using the token’s price as a marketing strategy.

Time: 00:19:21
Investor Mindset, Emphasis on the importance of community members thinking like investors.

Time: 00:26:22
High Payouts Discussion, Mention of significant payouts during a high participation period.

Time: 00:27:39
Long-term Vision and Market Stability, Discussion on the importance of maintaining market stability and a long-term vision.

Time: 00:30:25
Educating the Community, Mention of plans to educate the community to avoid short-term, pump-and-dump mentalities.

Time: 00:33:20
Follow-up Sessions, Proposal for future sessions to continue educating the community and addressing questions.

Key Takeaways

  • Queue mining strategies involve swapping Ethereum for queue and minting in batches.
  • Two main strategies: using external ETH to mint or leveraging the system’s liquidity.
  • Stakeholders in the queue ecosystem: AI builders
  • Q minters
  • and market players.
  • AI miners play a crucial role in queue mining.
  • Market players are vital for introducing queue to the market and dispelling project misconceptions.

Behind the Mic

“Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining the Taraxa Monthly Development Update.”, “Mihai has a brief update on some aspects that are basically mostly in the interest of the people that are developing on top of the APIs that we are currently offering.”, “First thing, we’re quite happy that we managed to join Forta.”, “Congratulations to our Forta integration team and basically to all the people working on the APIs.”, “The rank on Forta is actually quite nice. We rank among others in a very good place.”, “There are some things that we need to work on, that we improve, like our latest security incident. We decided to take the tiger by the tail and we increased our security standards and procedures a lot.”, “We are deploying on renewed procedures. These involve deployment on the development branch, deployment on the QA branch, deployment on the staging branch.”, “The issue that we have is that basically most transactions were ranked by the time it takes for them to be included in blocks.”, “That’s not necessarily correct because actually most nodes receiving transactions propagate them further. Their ranking systems should take into account also this propagation metric. So we’re still working on it.”, “Our newly integrated DevOps team is really working on this.”, “Okay, this is mostly from my side.”, “Mihai, if you’re ready, please take over.”, “Thank you.”, “Okay, thanks a lot, Eugene.”, “Hi, everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mihai. I’m a researcher at Taraxa, and I’m also the project manager for the Taraxa network.”, “Yeah, thanks a lot for the update, Eugene.”, “I’ll continue a bit with this basically the development part, and for those of you who are not aware, we have two main aspects of our development.”, “The mainnet is currently up and running. It has been since March this year, and there are certain applications that are currently being developed. However, there is no functionality deployed on mainnet as of now.”, “There are multiple ways for you to get involved with projects on Taraxa. So we have our Hackathon that we launched last year, and we have the grant program.”, “By the way, bridge is on time.”, “Hackathon’s going great.”, “We’re moving to the judging phase.”, “Aspen was activated last month.”, “Everything going smoothly.”, “It also caps the overall tariff supply to 12 billion, and it made staking yields a lot more fair.”, “And please be on the lookout for Echo, our decentralized infrastructure for AI agents.”, “So you’re going to be hearing a lot more of that coming, all right?”, “So thank you very much.”, “And in the future, every second Tuesday of each month, we’re going to be doing these verbal updates through spaces and submit your questions ahead of time so that we can get it covered.”, “Thank you very much for listening on this April development update for Taraxa.”, “Bye.”

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